Saturday, March 3, 2007


Hi everyone! I'm Cassi Armstrong, Author of Love in the Bahamas, and of The Man Upstairs, my latest release from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. Feel free to check out the site: (must be 18 or older) and for those who are 17 and younger check out where you'll find lots of great books to purchase.

Please feel free to join me on the 15th of every month on my other blog Torrid Temptations, and there are also other authors from Whiskey Creek Press that will be blogging on other days.

A little about me:
I live in Cleveland, OH, where many who come to visit or live here also joke about how the sun never shines! lol.
I'm a senior in college (graduating December 2007-lets keep our fingers crossed about that), and I love writing almost as much as I love to daydream about tall, dark, gorgeous hunks.

I hope in the future that I will be able to post some of my other minor writings for the public on my blog. For now, enjoy!

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